Review: Ares Virus


  1. The plot and characters are vividly depicted, and each character has its own characteristics.
  2. People-friendly shops, 50 pieces can almost buy all the skill drawings, and non-mandatory sheet metal, can play without charging money, but it is more difficult.
  3. Deep thought stories and characters, each choice contains humanity. Will it kill the grandmother grandfather for the supplies? Will it hurt the son of the old soldier, causing the rich who once helped others to be killed by the people he helped? You are the selector, and Bohn, who is lying in bed waiting for your rescue, is a critic. Maybe you are a choice in the game, and in reality it is a choice, very real.


  1. No color, overall gray black and white.
  2. Daytime and black day, no need to sleep.
  3. The title says “survival” but not to eat and wear.
  4. It is strange that God’s perspective is just beginning to play.
  5. It is still too little to make a exploration. 2 has not yet come out, not enough to play.

Worth of trying, this game I would like to recommend to my friends!

5 hard-core mobile games you don’t wanna miss

#1 Unknown fate

A hand-decrypted mobile game, although it is a decryption game, but its mystery and organization are not so difficult, the game is running on most of the time, but the picture quality and scenery are very beautiful, do not worry about boring, the whole world Just like the scene in Alice in Wonderland. In addition to the inconvenience of the character’s manipulation, it can be said that there are no major shortcomings.

#2. Warhammer Mission 2: Time End

The classic PC series warhammer, deliberately made a strategic game of chess. The game’s picture is beautiful and realistic, and the model is also very delicate. It uses a bird’s-eye view to observe the entire battlefield. The gameplay is similar to the dark dungeon ARPG, but the battle mode is the war chess turn-based system. The game’s professional settings are very rich, there are three types of remote, mage, and meat shield. They can also configure different gameplay according to the choice of equipment and skills.

#3. Fishing master

A game developed specifically for fishing enthusiasts, it is hard to imagine that this less than 200MB game can have this quality. The game simulates the real physical environment, allowing you to feel the feel of the drawbar. The scene is composed of 7 famous fishing spots from all over the world, and more than 30 kinds of fish can be caught. Players can upgrade their fishing gear through fishing rewards and various events to catch bigger fish.

#4. Vanity

Today’s MOBA mobile game market almost makes the game “Glory of the King” occupied, and a “Vanity” that is slightly hardcore like DOTA is forgotten. Its quality is not too biased towards cartoons. It is called the most realistic MOBA game on the mobile phone. And its auxiliary props and active equipment are more, which also greatly improves the mobility and relative difficulty of the game.

#5. Modern warfare 6 spikes

Compared with most mobile phone shooting games, the modern war series has the top quality in the same year. If you have played “APEX Hero” this computer game, then you will feel that “Modern War 6 Peaks Duel” is similar to its style. The game has a single story and a multiplayer mode, and the gameplay is also raised a lot, and it has the role of RPG. The shortcomings of the game are more obvious: it is better to eat the phone configuration, a little dropped frame and fever, and it is recommended to open the low quality mode if you play.

Behold: MMORPG’s new work “The Elf Hope”

NEXON announces the launch of its new adventure-style MMORPG “Elves Look” global version and supports 7 languages ​​including Traditional Chinese, English, German, French and Indonesian. It also emphasizes in-game teaching, importing character fragmentation systems, and augmenting equipment. The quantity is fully localized.

The Worldview of Elf is built on the dispute between the two kingdoms of Pokjola and Kalypa. With the deduction of the story, the journey of following the Three Gods breaks into the journey and tries to solve many of the games. In the weird event, it also indirectly learned the true identity of Al and the conspiracy of a mysterious woman.

In the game of Elf, you will be able to control 3 characters at the same time for adventure. In the beginning of the game, there will be 20 occupations. The four main types are “Close Range Attacker”, “Long Range Attacker”, “Tank” and “support”. Among them, the most popular popular occupations include “combatants” and “double swordsmen” of close-range attack; “flame mage”, “shock mage” and “prophet” of long-range attack type; tank type” Each of the professions has a unique personal charm and a strong fighting power, and the players are personally experienced. !