Behold: MMORPG’s new work “The Elf Hope”

NEXON announces the launch of its new adventure-style MMORPG “Elves Look” global version and supports 7 languages ​​including Traditional Chinese, English, German, French and Indonesian. It also emphasizes in-game teaching, importing character fragmentation systems, and augmenting equipment. The quantity is fully localized.

The Worldview of Elf is built on the dispute between the two kingdoms of Pokjola and Kalypa. With the deduction of the story, the journey of following the Three Gods breaks into the journey and tries to solve many of the games. In the weird event, it also indirectly learned the true identity of Al and the conspiracy of a mysterious woman.

In the game of Elf, you will be able to control 3 characters at the same time for adventure. In the beginning of the game, there will be 20 occupations. The four main types are “Close Range Attacker”, “Long Range Attacker”, “Tank” and “support”. Among them, the most popular popular occupations include “combatants” and “double swordsmen” of close-range attack; “flame mage”, “shock mage” and “prophet” of long-range attack type; tank type” Each of the professions has a unique personal charm and a strong fighting power, and the players are personally experienced. !

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