Review: Ares Virus


  1. The plot and characters are vividly depicted, and each character has its own characteristics.
  2. People-friendly shops, 50 pieces can almost buy all the skill drawings, and non-mandatory sheet metal, can play without charging money, but it is more difficult.
  3. Deep thought stories and characters, each choice contains humanity. Will it kill the grandmother grandfather for the supplies? Will it hurt the son of the old soldier, causing the rich who once helped others to be killed by the people he helped? You are the selector, and Bohn, who is lying in bed waiting for your rescue, is a critic. Maybe you are a choice in the game, and in reality it is a choice, very real.


  1. No color, overall gray black and white.
  2. Daytime and black day, no need to sleep.
  3. The title says “survival” but not to eat and wear.
  4. It is strange that God’s perspective is just beginning to play.
  5. It is still too little to make a exploration. 2 has not yet come out, not enough to play.

Worth of trying, this game I would like to recommend to my friends!

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